Vacitup has taken a new step


Extended production areas make us more flexible and increase the ability to ensure continued good service and stable deliveries.

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Lajac AB acquires Vacitup AB


Vacitup was recently acquired by Lajac AB, a company within dust handling and central vacuum cleaning situated in Örebro, Sweden.

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New extension arm for hose reel.


New model for the hose reel’s vacuum arms. Three new models for the vacuum arms have been designed to adapt to the latest hose reel’s model.

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New pre-separator


A new pre-separator replaces the previous PS-300 model. The PS-300 has been redesigned to improve its efficiency and flexibility.

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Due to increased sales, more space is needed.
We will soon be moving to new premises!

 Central vacuum cleaning

Comprehensive program for everything required to create a complete central vacuuming system.

Dust collection

Custom pre-separators and filter systems to ensure an efficient dust collection.

Material handling

Various collection systems to make material handling an easy and dust free process.

Material separation

Various separation systems for air, dust, water, etc.